Store Policies 


Wear and Tear Policy 

Since we do not know the unique wearing style of each of our customers, we cannot guarantee wear and tear on our products. As our socks are classified as casual dress socks, they are not designed to be worn for activities such as walking, jogging or physically demanding work (work shoes). For such events, we recommend wearing technical or sports socks that are made to withstand the activity requirements. We are proud to know that we are making a high-quality product that is built to withstand use under normal conditions. Excessive friction on rough surfaces such as concrete or carpet can cause the cotton to swell or shrink, and this is considered normal for socks with a high cotton content such as our products. 


Refund & Replacement Policy 

All replacement requests for damaged socks are reviewed on a case-by-case basis as there is no one-size-fits-all sock. It is important that you send an email with the details of the product you purchased and your problem so that we can assist you. Be sure to include in the e-mail how and where you wear the socks and in what conditions you wash them. We recommend machine-washing with socks-like items at a lower cycle and hanging dry whenever possible, and if possible, please include pictures of the items in question. Refunds and replacements for wear and tear are optional. Once a decision is made, it is considered final. 


Canada & US Shipping Issues 

If you believe your order has been lost in the postal process, please contact us within 30 days from the date your order was shipped. However, our company is not responsible for cargo that may be lost during transportation. Please note that a misspelled address may result in lost mail, and it is not always possible to return unaccepted mail to our warehouse. Keep in mind that there are also cases where we can’t retrieve rejected shipments and they were delivered to someone else. With all this in mind, be sure to double or triple-check the shipping information when ordering. 


If your shipment is returned to us for whatever reason, our team will contact you to resolve the issue. If you request us to resend the package to you, we will ask you to cover the shipping cost unless the wrong address entered at the time of return and checkout is our fault. Otherwise, returned shipments will be refunded after deducting our shipping cost. If you paid $5 shipping but it cost us $12 to send out your order, then we will refund you for what you paid minus $12. 


Time Frame 

If there is any problem, we must contact you within 30 days after the normal shipping window. This way, not only can the issue be investigated in a timely manner, but we also have time to communicate with our shipping partners during their allotted time slot.