Reason to Smile

Reason to Smile

I love Mondays, unlike many. I really do. New beginnings are wonderful, aren’t they? And Monday makes the week begin ☺

Everyday socks designed by the brand of Oroys will make your week colourful and each day with a different tone.

Let us assume you are in the subway and there are many people like you going to work, sleeping late Sunday night, sleepless, unhappy because of the syndrome. There are lots of people in the subway or bus looking down at their feet. Actually, they do it unconsciously.

And, one of them notices your Monday syndrome socks, however not understanding at first. This time, he or she stops thinking and starts to examine your socks. In a few minutes he or she gets the point and smiles ☺. Therefore, your face expresses the comprehension of that smile…

So, those with the Monday syndrome, here is a little reason for you to begin a new week with a smile.

Let your socks be your reason to smile 🙂