How long do your socks last?

How long do your socks last?

There are several stages in the life of socks which indicates when to say goodbye to them.

Stage 1:

New, rich in color, soft and feels wonderful. You wear them whenever possible and you just love it.

Stage 2:

The more you wear and wash your socks they start to blossom but don’t look new anymore and they are familiar to you. Because you wear them too often, they start to show signs of wear.

Stage 3:

After a while you’ll notice that they are not fresh as they used to be. They are losing their shine and freshness. Your old stars’ colors begin to fade and are not as they used to be. This is one of many reasons socks lovers and wearers start to change them to newer models.

Stage 4:

At this stage your once favorite socks are not that anymore. They begin to go bobbly, fibres loosen, and little knots show up. After a while socks become thin enough to have few holes on one of them or both. When they are at this stage it is time to think about new socks.

Stage 5:

It is time to find new ones. Some will find it difficult to say goodbye to old socks, but this is the usual end and the last stage of every sock ever made.