4 Things to consider when we buy new socks


4 Things to consider when we buy new socks

Buying socks can seem simple, however it includes a lot of details. Choosing socks you first should think of what you expect from them. Do you want casual or luxury socks? Do you want your feet to be warm or not to contact the shoe? Enjoy reading the advice on how to choose the right socks, things to consider when buying socks!

Choose socks fitting your feet

In general, socks with a wide range of sizes are deceptive and can be larger or smaller. Choose socks with closer sizes, such as 35-38 or 38-40 to 36-40.

Read a label

Actually, people do not give so much attention to sock labels. Know your socks, learn how to wash them in order to avoid problems caused by wrong wash and ensure their durability.

Choose socks according to the season

Bamboo or linen socks are ideal in summer. They do not sweat and keep cool. Winter loves wool and cotton blend socks, which protect against cold and keep your feet warm.

Examine the quality of socks

You can learn to define the quality of socks. Socks woven densely from delicate yarn are premium. Examine with your hand the texture of socks and know your sock.